Site to put your own conlang

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Site to put your own conlang

Postby Losam » 2016-03-27, 15:10


Do you know a website or something like that to put online or make a course about your own conlang?

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Re: Site to put your own conlang

Postby razlem » 2016-03-30, 19:28

Check out ConWorkshop, it was created by a user of this forum (still hashi?), and it has a bunch of tools and it's fairly active.

As far as courses, you're gonna have to design those yourself or make a flashcard course ( is the best)
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Re: Site to put your own conlang

Postby Ashucky » 2016-03-31, 23:58

ConWorkShop is probably one of the best sites you can find atm online. If you want to check a few more, there's a list of them in this thread.


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