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Conlang dictionary

Posted: 2015-06-14, 17:34
by Werevrock
Hi. I've just registered to the forum. I've recently started working on a conlang. I've decided I need a dictionary to properly organize my words so I've written myself one in JAVA 8. Can such a thing be of use to anyone? I can upload it if someone can point me to a proper uploading space.

It is a simple program that allows adding words and their translations but I've yet to see a dictionary that allows adding words with a single click.

Re: Conlang dictionary

Posted: 2015-06-15, 9:25
by Werevrock
I am dropping it here in case someone wants it.
Version 0.5:
Version 0.6:
Version 0.7:

Not tested on Mac. May or may not work on Mac.

Even though the program itself is safe, scan for virus just in case. It saves the settings in the folder it is in so I suggest that you keep it in a folder to be able to easily move or delete it later.

Feel free to provide feedback, report bugs or ask for more features.

Re: Conlang dictionary

Posted: 2015-06-16, 23:16
by Ser
You know, for the past week I had been thinking to write such a program myself, a small dictionary thing for conlanging, after trying some of the programs already available out there. And WOW, it's nice somebody got to it before I did, now I don't need to. :lol:

I love it.

Honestly, I find it fully functional for my needs as it is. Though if I could make a recommendation, could you increase the definiens/content section just a bit bigger? Maybe you could eliminate the buttons in the middle, as they're mostly useful for your own particular conlang. Anyway, it's nice.

Re: Conlang dictionary

Posted: 2015-06-17, 8:12
by Werevrock
I'm glad you like it. The buttons can be changed to add other special characters (or entire words if you want). First enable advanced options then right click on them.

The top button (~) allows you to add info to the words. If you add "kom ~ verb". "verb" will not be shown on the list but it will be shown in the translation.

Currently buttons are not saved. So whenever you close the dictionary they will be lost. I'm working on the buttons. I will make them optional (if I can get around the technicalities) and make them saved.

I think I can make the lists and the text areas resizable. I will see what I can do.

Re: Conlang dictionary

Posted: 2015-06-17, 21:07
by ltrout99
I think it is good and fits my needs. I think since you have the window set to a resizable window, you should increase the size of the buttons and windows when someone resizes the app. Other than that, it is very helpful for what I need! Also, if you could, could you post a link to the uncompiled source?

Re: Conlang dictionary

Posted: 2015-06-19, 7:23
by Werevrock
I don't want to release my code at this stage. I'm still working on it. Feel free to notify me any changes you want.

I think I've managed to do everything I'm asked of. V0.6 :

I've made a radical decision about the custom buttons. I hope it fits everybody's needs.

v 0.6 Changelog:

Changed the way custom buttons work.
Made "Enter" translate last selected field even when the main frame is selected
Buttons are now saved.
Increased the size of the text areas.
Open database opens the the database with the window's preferred program instead of notepad
Lists and text areas now resize with the main frame

WARNING: Language specific settings (*.dic) and general settings ( of the v0.5 will not work in v0.6 and vice-versa. Databases(where you words are saved) will still work without a problem.
You will need to set your search preferences, write the names of your languages and select your database again.

In my mind there are 2 types of users. Creators and readers. As long as readers don't check the "show language modification buttons" they can change any settings without actually changing the language specific settings. Their settings will work on every database.
The most likely scenario is that the reader is the future self of the creator. Due to this I don't plan to allow language creators to prevent the readers from changing the settings but if someone happens to need this (in a situation that he/she wants to share the database with the learners of the language) I will see what I can do.

In the next version I will allow users to change the special characters(= , ! ~) which I deem as a crucial feature. For now, avoid these characters. Maybe I also add new options to the buttons and some features to the visualization. This time i will try to keep your language specific settings intact.

Re: Conlang dictionary

Posted: 2015-07-03, 14:20
by Werevrock
V0.7 is completed:

I suggest everyone to switch to this version even if they don't need the define-special-characters function. I've fixed lots of bugs and added features to save or recover the database. When transferring to this version you will NOT lose your previous settings if you were using V0.6

IMPORTANT Note 1: Even though I've tested everything all test were carried out in a single system. Backup your database (and settings if you think they are important) before switching to this version, just in case. I suggest everyone to backup their database manually before trying out the new features.

IMPORTANT Note 2: I've changed the default special characters. v0.6's(same as v0.5) special characters are saved in the language settings so when you normally load your database from v0.6, the program will still use your previous special characters without any problem. You don't have to do anything. If you lose your settings file or simply want backwards compatibility in a new database, you can use the defaults option in the define special characters option.

I've realized that I haven't mention it anywhere. You can press ESC to delete the contents of the selected text area(since v0.5). I also want to mention that general settings are always saved but language settings usually(with a few exception) require you to hit the save settings button. I think I should add a proper help function in the next version.

I think I will take a break. For some time i will only fix bugs if I encounter them or someone reports any. In the meantime, feel free to ask for more features. Happy conlanging, dictionary creating or whatever you are using the program for.

V0.7 Changelog:

New Features:
Defining special characters and automatically replacing(or swapping) them in the database.
Lots of information,question and error dialogs to guide you during the automated replacement process.
Easily creating backups and loading them via file menu.
Retrieving the copy of the database from RAM (updated when program is started or database is reloaded) in case of the loss of database.
Easily loading version defaults.
Changing the appearances of the special characters.

Bug Fixes:
Button settings are now properly saved.
Fixed some rare bugs.
Fixed some other minor bugs of custom buttons
Fixed an annoying bug that makes the text areas lost focus when custom buttons are created.
Fixed a bug that occurred when the a list is double clicked and the opposing text area is selected (this bug seems to be introduced in v0.6)

Convenience changes:
The program now opens in the middle of the screen instead of the top Left corner.
Dialogs now open in the middle of the program instead of the top left corner of the screen.
Added error messages to many possible error situations.
Added txt files filtering to new file creation
Open database button now opens the the database with the system's preferred opening application instead of the system's preferred editing application. I don't think this change would cause any inconvenience to anyone.

Re: Conlang dictionary

Posted: 2016-03-26, 5:47
by Ser
I lost my copy of this program and the download links have rotten.

Does anybody have this program and could you please upload it?

Re: Conlang dictionary

Posted: 2016-04-19, 20:29
by ltrout99
SerafĂ­n wrote:I lost my copy of this program and the download links have rotten.

Does anybody have this program and could you please upload it?

You're in luck! I have V0.6. ... npwc2tJcVU

Re: Conlang dictionary

Posted: 2016-06-17, 0:12
by Ser
I know this is two months late, but I just saw your reply now. Thanks!