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Postby Iparxi_Zoi » 2013-06-04, 22:45

This is my first a priori conlang, and I'd thought I'd share it with this forum :D It's still in it's infancy, so I'll share what I've already done.

Phonology (Don't know how to make tables on here, sorry :oops:) :

Vowels -
Aa [ä] Ee [e] Ii [i] Oo [o] Uu [u]

Consonants -
Mm [m] Nn [n] Ññ [ɲ]
Pp [p] Mp mp [mb] Tt [t] Nt nt [nd] Kk [k] Nk nk [ŋg] ' [ʔ]
Ch ch [ʧ] Ts ts [ts]
Ss [s] Hh [h]
Rr [r] Yy [j] Ww [w]

Personal Pronouns:

1st person chi
2nd person nau (informal) nawe (formal) iro (most formal)
3rd person ro

Placing the particle ne after makes them plural.


Particles -
'o used for nominative case
'a used for accusative case
'u used for dative case
'e used for genitive case

In standard SOV order, 'o and 'a can be omitted.

Plurals -
tu + noun used for celestial objects
nko + noun used for terrestrial & aquatic objects
noun + ne used for people, animals, and plants (living things)
noun + mpo used for anything under the earth (underworld, minerals, dead people, etc.)
noun + sko used for abstract concepts
Native/Mis lenguas maternas: [flag=español mexicano (Mexican Spanish)]es-MX[/flag] [flag=español (Spanish)]es[/flag] American English (en-US) English (en)
Advanced (I hope)/Espero que no se me olvide: [flag=français (French)]fr[/flag]
In love with/Me encantan: [flag=ελληνικά (Greek)]el[/flag] [flag=português (Portuguese)]pt[/flag]
Also intested in/También me interesarían: [flag=العربية (Arabic)]ar[/flag] [flag=italiano (Italian)]it[/flag] [flag=Türkçe (Turkish)]tr[/flag]

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