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This forum is for constructed languages, both those invented by UniLang members and those already existing.

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Re: Link your conlangs

Postby Sano » 2014-08-19, 18:16

Information on Kala can now be found here:

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Fox Saint-Just
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Re: Link your conlangs

Postby Fox Saint-Just » 2014-10-15, 11:41

Xetlaqui on Frath Wiki:
Native: [flag=]it[/flag] [flag=]egl[/flag] B2: [flag=]en[/flag] Intermediate: [flag=]de[/flag] [flag=]fr[/flag] Curious about: [flag=]ru[/flag] [flag=]hy[/flag] [flag=]eu[/flag] [flag=]nah[/flag] [flag=]ga[/flag] [flag=]sr[/flag]
[flag=]art[/flag] Currently developing Ardlang:

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Re: Link your conlangs

Postby Shmuel » 2015-03-12, 1:00

Name: Malachit
User: Shmuel
Details: Semitic-based grammar, CV pair syllables, Pictographic, still in early phase

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Re: Link your conlangs

Postby Iparxi_Zoi » 2015-05-07, 11:33

Name:Modern Zacian (Ζάκικα)
Details:Indo-European conlang spoken in the concountries Zace (Europe) and Meganesia (Pacific Ocean). No grammatical gender; noun & adjective declensions; synthetic verb conjugation. Modern descendant of Ancient Zacian. In many ways a Standard Average European (SAE) conlang.
Native/Mis lenguas maternas: [flag=español mexicano (Mexican Spanish)]es-MX[/flag] [flag=español (Spanish)]es[/flag] American English (en-US) English (en)
Advanced (I hope)/Espero que no se me olvide: [flag=français (French)]fr[/flag]
In love with/Me encantan: [flag=ελληνικά (Greek)]el[/flag] [flag=português (Portuguese)]pt[/flag]
Also intested in/También me interesarían: [flag=العربية (Arabic)]ar[/flag] [flag=italiano (Italian)]it[/flag] [flag=Türkçe (Turkish)]tr[/flag]

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Re: Link your conlangs

Postby nikolorien » 2015-09-28, 13:57

Name: Ftahka
User: Nikolorien
Details:: Miscellaneous, agglutinative, open language (means the everyone can modify it once learnt), based on real life's communicative situations, linguistic project

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Re: Link your conlangs

Postby johnklepac » 2015-12-09, 4:00

Name: Ksah-Choo (both Anglicized and natively)
User: johnklepac
Details: Alien conlang (but they have human-like mouth anatomy), VSO, agglutinative/fusional, prefixing, has clicks, has two separate gender systems (sex and physical/metaphorical size)

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Re: Link your conlangs

Postby Akoni » 2016-03-12, 14:05

Details:Conlang for my Congalaxy, SOV with many exceptions (like Dutch), working on an alphabet

Zae ben de ja lamadu edu de qiasu suye lamadu = You have to know the past to understand the present.

Ma-lun zae-ja-a l'amade = Were you not ready?

Ma-lun zae-qinitu e ma-lun-a = Do you have questions?
Conlang: Saphah

Fluent: Dutch, English
Advanced: German, Afrikaans
Basic knowledge: French, Latin, Occitan, Swedish

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Re: Link your conlangs

Postby J.I. » 2016-09-01, 12:58

NameIwasaki's System of Reconstructing Languages (ISReLangs, 岩崎式言語体系)
Iwasaki's System of Reconstructing Japanese (ISReJP or ISReJA, 岩崎式日本語)
Iwasaki's System of Reconstructing English (ISReEN, 岩崎式英語)
UserJun-ichi Iwasaki
Details:ISReLangs are my idea, view, experiment and philosophy about languages and cognition of human beings rather than conlangs themselves, so I call ISReLangs "conlanging or reconstructing system" by myself. Some university students (of The University of Tokyo, Tokyo University of the Arts, Waseda University, Nihon University) research ISReJP nowadays.

ISReJP is mainly and daily used by about ten friends and acquaintances who are victims of abuse or violence living in a confidential dorm (as it were, a sorority house in Japan). They are suffering from mental disorders or language disabilities in consequence of their wounds and agonies,

I don't hope that ISReLangs destroy the natural languages and become international auxiliary languages (auxlangs) at all, and hope that they are only the secondary and subsidiary languages for my friends, those with mental disorders or language disabilities.
Conlangs: Iwasaki's System of Reconstructing Languages (ISReLangs, 岩崎式言語体系) (Questions for everyone) (Encyclopedia) (ISReJP research team in Tokyo University of the Arts) (Sorority dorm in Japan where users live and gather)

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