learning conscripts

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learning conscripts

Postby nat54 » 2021-05-16, 17:04

What is the easiest way to learn new Chinese characters?
Some of the characters I'm trying to learn are

they're used in a system for writing English with Chinese characters called hwayi woen (奤屲溰籴屲吘埜笝). There's more characters for vowels as well as single characters for common words. 与 and, 是to be, 本 the, 之 of, 不not, 下down/below, 们-s, 但 but, 倘 if. The word 'English' would be '仒玍旯佀唼' (ing-g-l-i-sh).
奤屲溰籴 屲吘埜笝 是 閁盃迚 佱或 邚溰涾仒 仒玍旯佀唼
says 'hwayi woen is made for writing English' (normally written without spaces).

The URL is https://hwayihwoen.com

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