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Is Добре for ok part of a word for greeting?

Posted: 2006-02-06, 2:12
by kathyhenry
Wow, it took a long time and lots of web pages to register so I can ask this question, so I hope I get an answer. <smile>

I saw this

Mitko: Добър ден.Аз се казвам Митко(Димитър).

That first sounds to me like the Russian greeting, so I expect it is just as it sounds.

But, I saw this as a translation on a program for the "OK" button, for Bulgarian:


Why does that function for "Ok" -- is it part of Добър ?

Posted: 2006-02-06, 10:14
by duko
Hi and welcome!

Добре is an adwerb and it translates to English as "well". That's why it was used for the "OK" button, because it expresses agreement.

Well now, when you use it as an adjective that would translate to English as "good", you have to follow one rule: in Bulgarian as in all Slavic languages an adjective must agree in gender and number with it's noun.
ден is masculine singular
добър is the masculine singular form for the adjective "good".

добрa would be feminine singular and
добрo neutrum singular

Thank you/Благодаря

Posted: 2006-02-06, 16:40
by kathyhenry
Thank you/Благодаря

I just found this web page, by the way, which is very nice:
Belarusian-Bulgarian-Russian-English Basic Phrases