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Bulgarian verb list?

Posted: 2017-07-26, 21:57
by Greeehg
Good evening everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a site/resource offering basic verbs in Bulgarian in order to start making sentences. A book I have been reading suggests that if you have a list of infinitives, you can make progress in a languages. However, I have read that Bulgarian does not have infinitives, but instead lists verbs under the 1st person singular of the present tense (please correct if this is a mistake).

What I am looking for is a list like the following:

Bulgarian Pronunciation English
съм soom be
имам eemahm have

I have tried using an online Bulgarian dictionary, but I find the translations confusing and not manageable.

If anyone could help, or give advice, I'd be really grateful :)

Thanks for reading.

Re: Bulgarian verb list?

Posted: 2017-07-29, 10:32
by paruha
Yes, you are right, we don't have infitive.
I can't help you with a resource, but I could list a few verbs for you, if that will be of any help. All from the top of my head now...

чета - read
пиша - write
чувам - hear
слушам - listen
виждам - see
гледам - look at/ watch
вървя - walk
ходя - walk
тичам - run
пея - sing
танцувам - dance
пия - drink
ям - eat
говоря - speak
плувам - swim
правя - do/make
отивам - go
връщам се - go back
купувам - buy
плащам - pay
пътувам - travel
храня - feed
чистя - clean
цапам - make dirty
забавлявам се - have fun (reflexive, as in I am having fun)
дишам - breathe
скачам - jump
чатя - chat (on a pc/smartphone)
мразя - hate
обичам - love
обожавам - adore
режа - cut
поправям - repair
казвам - say
чупя - break
закачам - hang
късам - tear
въртя - spin, turn
спирам - stop
натискам - press/push
дърпам - pull
бутам - push
смея се - laugh
мога - can

Re: Bulgarian verb list?

Posted: 2017-10-19, 16:05
by Woods
I just found out that Verbix does not have Bulgarian :para:

You can still try if something comes out of Google, and please give feedback.