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Bulgarian fonts/typefaces

Posted: 2012-09-10, 11:44
by Psi-Lord
Not long ago, I found out something very interesting – that there exists a particular design for Bulgarian typefaces/fonts that, as far as I could find out, isn’t commonly seen in any other country that uses the Cyrillic alphabet. The differences can easily be seen in this picture (standard Cyrillic above, Bulgarian-flavoured design below):


Only then did I realise how common it is to see the variants in my Bulgarian materials and in pictures of outdoor ads, shops, magazines etc. Because of that, I started searching for Windows fonts designed along those lines, but I found out they’re really hard to spot, particularly if you’re looking for free stuff (but not only then). Besides the professional font in that image (Myriad Pro), I also found another professional font (Rotis Semi Serif) – but couldn’t really get any of them –, and then avataar was kind enough to get me an .OTF copy of Teams (originally a Type 1 font) from his Linux distribution.

I was wondering, then – do any of you happen to know any fonts designed that way that you could share or that one could easily download a copy of from somewhere?

Re: Bulgarian fonts/typefaces

Posted: 2012-09-10, 11:57
by language learner
I didn't know that that font was specifically made for Bulgarian. I dislike it, since in it the cyrillic к looks entirely like the latin k, and so do ж and sometimes ю. The vertical lines of these three letters к ж and ю have never reached the height of capital letters.
Other than that, I barely see any difference, just minor stylistic variations.

Re: Bulgarian fonts/typefaces

Posted: 2015-08-01, 21:51
by Psi-Lord
This is an old thread, and I haven’t been around UniLang in ages, but I chanced upon this discussion today and couldn’t help not returning here to link to it:

Re: Bulgarian fonts/typefaces

Posted: 2015-10-02, 20:55
by Woods
I totally agree with language learner - ж, к and ю are not supposed to go up like the Latin k - this font is fucked up.

I also don't like the small т looking like an m, but this one is at least pretty common. Indeed the lowercase т / т usually looks that way when the font is in italics only. I personally would never write it that way or select a font with this variant for printing.

Re: Bulgarian fonts/typefaces

Posted: 2017-01-20, 10:24
by Stefan Peev
You could find a lot of free fonts with modern form of Bulgarian Cyrillic here:
And here are two issues about the modern form of Bulgarian Cyrillic:
Botio Nikoltchev: What shall be done for Bulgarian Cyrillic .loclBGR
Krista Radoeva: Cyrillic script variations and the importance of localisation

Re: Bulgarian fonts/typefaces

Posted: 2017-04-29, 19:17
by Multiturquoise
I find the font Intro so good-looking. It was made by Fontfabric, which is a Bulgarian font foundry. The foundry to which the font belongs also provides a free download link to the font if you're excited to try it, or a purchase link if you will use the font on publications.

(The style of the font used in the picture is Book Alt).