Online Bulgarian keyboard

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Online Bulgarian keyboard

Postby Schalksnarr » 2012-05-12, 18:30

For those of you who will never find one in the local shops ;)
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language learner
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Re: Online Bulgarian keyboard

Postby language learner » 2012-05-12, 19:10

If you are using windows, you can use it to type in cyrillic without any additional software or websites.

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Re: Online Bulgarian keyboard

Postby Unknown » 2013-03-08, 4:29

Здравей, тъкмо мислех да добавя че ако имаш HP компютър, трябва да имаш една българска фонетическа клавиатура. Я използва всеки ден и ми се стурва много полезна.

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