Short translation needed

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Short translation needed

Postby Tomcat » 2006-02-28, 11:52

Could anybody translate me these two sentences (in Latin or IPA transscription)?

"X has entered the room"
"X has left the room"

Please mark or explain which words stand for "the room".

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Postby avataar » 2006-02-28, 23:04

Given the lack of context:

Х влезе в стаята. /X ˈvlɛzɛ ˈfstɑjətɐ/
Х напусна стаята. /X nɐˈpusnə ˈstɑjətɐ/

стаята /ˈstɑjətɐ/ = the room
стая /ˈstɑjə/ = room

In the first sentence the IPA says /ˈfstɑjətɐ/ because the preposition в (in) attaches to the following word.
Ein ring skal styra deim,
ein ring skal finna deim.
Ein ring tvinga deim
og i myrker binda deim
i landet Mordor der skuggane rår.

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