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Posted: 2014-12-22, 0:06
by PEMbl
Буду! Я ще погано, але я вже розмовляю російською, тому я думаю що Україньска мова буде набагато легше ніх російський(вона не мій перша слов'яньску мову)

How do you do the ' with the ukrainian keyboard? And what does багато в чому mean?


Posted: 2014-12-22, 4:23
by TheStrayCat
Yes, sure, knowing another language of the same family always helps! I hope you'll enjoy learning Ukrainian.

The apostrophe in new Windows-based operating systems is located in the upper-left corner, on the same button as English "`" and Russian "ё". You may however experience the common problem where the layout still produces "ё" (non-existent in Ukrainian) instead, because it hadn't been fixed until recently. If you have this problem, Wikipedia says there is a patch that can modify your layout.

"Багато в чому" roughly means "in many aspects" (the Russian equivalent is "во многом").

Good luck!


Posted: 2014-12-22, 4:44
by PEMbl
Oh. Yes there is one. I had the option on my keyboard to chose Ukrainien or Ukrainien(Amélioré). I guess the (Improved) version is the one without the ё. Otherwise it's almost the same keyboard as the Russian one, that's a big plus to me. I'm starting to type quite fast in cyrillic!

(the Russian equivalent is "во многом")

Тепер я розумію. :mrgreen: Російский багато в чому корисний для мене.


Posted: 2016-02-13, 13:40
by aaakknu
Oleksij wrote: There are six cases in Ukrainian.[/b]

Не 6, а 7 відмінків.