Printed, Not Cursive, Ukrainian

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Printed, Not Cursive, Ukrainian

Postby lestrzyz » 2015-07-15, 0:13

I have been looking for a while online for a handwritten, non-cursive version of the Ukrainian alphabet. I do not want cursive as I cannot tell what is a fancy ad-on to the letter, and what is the letter. Does that make sense? So can anyone help me out and give me a handwritten, non-cursive Ukrainian alphabet?

Much appreciated!

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Re: Printed, Not Cursive, Ukrainian

Postby ahrest » 2015-09-17, 20:29

I’m not sure what exactly you need, but would this work?


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Re: Printed, Not Cursive, Ukrainian

Postby RCA » 2015-09-18, 11:45

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Re: Printed, Not Cursive, Ukrainian

Postby Патрислав Андреевич » 2015-09-18, 12:21

This is cursive though, so not what OP wanted. I also don't really like cursive. :lol:

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