[Vietnamese] Help with some words

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[Vietnamese] Help with some words

Postby TheWildboar » 2015-02-19, 21:11


I am a french native with a vietnamese mother. I can talk about fluently in vietnamese but I do not read vietnamese.

I have had struggles in the past days to get a message accross.

How would you translate the word : depression
I am talking about the illness, the clinical depression

Thanks in advance for your help

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Re: [Vietnamese] Help with some words

Postby Tenebrarum » 2015-02-25, 7:14

The noun - depression: bệnh trầm cảm, or just trầm cảm
The adjective - depressed: trầm cảm, bị trầm cảm, bị bệnh trầm cảm

But since this condition was only made known to people in Vietnam like 10 years ago, your mother might not understand the word at all, even if you translate it to Vietnamese, because (I guess) she had left the country some time around 1975 and has little expose to the language we speak and read nowadays.

Wishing you the best, though.
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