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เกม: คนถัดไป....

Posted: 2011-07-14, 17:49
by Unknown
Hello Thai students of UniLang, I'll be starting the 'person after me' game in Thai. The literal translation of คนถัดไป is "the next person", just so you'll know.

I obviously will go first:


Re: เกม: คนถัดไป....

Posted: 2011-09-06, 16:23
by Mei
แล้วหาคนถัดไปได้หรือยังคะ :lol:

Verb Help!!!

Posted: 2011-10-08, 21:02
by jiback7

I've read that can is "ได" and will is "จะ"...

How do I say "want" "like" "should" and "must/have to/need" in Thai?

If possible, can you give example sentences of these? Thank you!

what does ต้องการ mean?

Posted: 2011-10-09, 16:36
by jiback7
I want to know how to say "want". Some say ต้องการ others say อยาก
Also, how do you say "need'? Thank you

Birthday card in thai

Posted: 2011-10-13, 14:02
by jiback7
Hello! I know how to write "happy birthday", but how do I say something more like "It's nice to get to know you" or "have a nice year in America"?? Thanks!


Posted: 2011-10-15, 15:46
by jiback7
There are so many lists online of hundreds of classifiers...
What are 5-7 basic need-to-know classifiers? Is there a general, or most frequent classifier?
I only want to know basics like people, animals, books.


Posted: 2011-10-21, 23:54
by jiback7
Hello! How do you form the past tense in thai without using a time-word in the sentence?


He went to the store.
She danced very well.
We ate and drank together.

Thank you!

Re: เกม: คนถัดไป....

Posted: 2011-10-23, 19:44
by Unknown
Mei wrote:แล้วหาคนถัดไปได้หรือยังคะ :lol:

มันเป็นเกมที่ คุณจำเป็นต้องมีเพื่อตอบสนองต่อคำสั่งของฉันแล้วพูดว่า"คนถัดไป"และจากนั้นให้ขึ้นประโยคอื่น

Re: เกม: คนถัดไป....

Posted: 2011-10-24, 9:10
by Mei
Cesare M. wrote:มันเป็นเกมที่ คุณจำเป็นต้องมีเพื่อตอบสนองต่อคำสั่งของฉันแล้วพูดว่า"คนถัดไป"และจากนั้นให้ขึ้นประโยคอื่น

ok :D คนถัดไปเริ่มงง

New Thai online lesson website

Posted: 2011-11-01, 14:14
by nan_helsinki
Dear everybody,

My name is Nan. I am the Thai language instructor, the thai language book author and more....

I have the passion to promote Thai language to foreigners who would like to learn Thai. Therefore, I have just
recently started a new online Thai language website.
Please check at

I hope to get your comments and I will be continuing updated the lessons regulary.

Thank you very much

Re: Thai TV & Thai Radio online

Posted: 2011-11-01, 15:50
by srroom
I have tried listening to thai radios from several websites but as I don't speak the language it is almost impossible for me to manage. There is the google translate tool but I was wondering if there is a service where I could listen to thai radio and that has an English interface. Thanks for all your help.


Posted: 2011-11-07, 21:18
by Alexwijting

I'm a dutch student doing a study on kinship terminology in Thai. I was wondering if anyone (with thai as native language) is willing to spend a few minutes on a questionnaire. If so, please pm me for details.

If not, do you have any suggestions on how to conduct an online survey with thai participants who do not have yet fully mastered English?

Any reply would be greatly appreciated!


Posted: 2011-11-09, 1:09
by Vortarulo
You don't. Thai doesn't have tense.

Re: what does ต้องการ mean?

Posted: 2011-11-09, 1:11
by Vortarulo
That's correct. Both words (tongkan and yak) mean "want". I don't know the difference, but it seems minor. Maybe (just maybe) the first one is a little more formal.

Re: เกม: คนถัดไป....

Posted: 2011-11-17, 23:26
by Unknown
Mei wrote:ok :D คนถัดไปเริ่มงง

Ok... :D


Re: เกม: คนถัดไป....

Posted: 2011-11-18, 0:59
by Mei
คนถัดไปโดนแย่งแฟน :x :D

Re: เกม: คนถัดไป....

Posted: 2011-11-18, 1:43
by Unknown
Mei wrote:คนถัดไปโดนแย่งแฟน :x :D

:D :D ไม่,คุณจำเป็นต้องตอบไปสิ่งที่ผมเขียนหลังจากที่ฉันเขียน"คนถัดไป...."และจากนั้นคุณเขียน"คนถัดไป...."และจากนั้นจะเกิดขึ้นกับสิ่งอื่น


User 1: The person after me smokes weed
User 2: No I do not smoke weed, in fact I don't even smoke at all. The person after me sleeps until 12 p.m
User 3 (or User 1): No I wake up very early. I don't like sleeping in. The person after me takes a shower everyday


Re: เกม: คนถัดไป....

Posted: 2011-11-21, 0:36
by Mei
คนถัดไปชอบหนีเที่ยว :D

Re: เกม: คนถัดไป....

Posted: 2011-11-21, 0:51
by Unknown
Mei wrote:คนถัดไปชอบหนีเที่ยว :D

:D ผมไม่ต้องการชอบหนีเที่ยว :D


Re: เกม: คนถัดไป....

Posted: 2011-11-22, 3:11
by Mei
คนถัดไปไม่ชอบคุยกับคนแปลกหน้า :D