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Barbacane - Farsi

Posted: 2020-02-12, 21:04
by Margrave

Not sure this is the right forum.

I was looking into the etymology of the French word barbacane, which is a military construction with loopholes to facilitate shooting the enemy outside the city/fortress wall. The etymology would be in the Farsi word bârbâk-khaneh or bab-khanah . I wonder if this Farsi word really exists and if yes, which is the meaning.

Any advice is welcome! :)

Re: Barbacane - Farsi

Posted: 2020-03-22, 20:33
by eskandar
I thought the word was a corruption of the Persian بالاخانه bâlâ-khânah (high room, upper room; balcony), which is also the source of Russian балаган and Hebrew בלגן . That etymology is suggested here.