"Untranslatable" Farsi word

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"Untranslatable" Farsi word

Postby EirikurGK » 2019-12-18, 16:49

Hello all.

I came across a supposedly Persian word in a list of untranslatable words.

tiám: "the twinkle in your eye when you first meet someone"

I haven't been able to find this in any dictionary. Is this really a Persian word?

Is it modern/colloquial?

Does it have an etymology?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: "Untranslatable" Farsi word

Postby xars » 2020-01-01, 5:01

This is not Persian at all but Lori. "ti" or "tiya" in Lori means "eye".

"tiam" would mean "my eyes", which is like saying "my dear". I doubt it has the meaning which you mentioned.

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