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Help with song lyric: "تو بود و نبودم هستی"

Posted: 2019-10-14, 16:22
by huttarl
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I've been listening to this song in Persian:
which is great because it has the text written on the screen. There are a couple of parts I'd like to get help with...

(at 0:33)
بُود پُر از جلالت
آسمان و زمین

I understand this basically to mean "Heaven and earth are full of your glory." But what is the first word, بُود ? The singer pronounces it "bovad" or something like that. Is it some form of بود ("bood"), 'to be'? If so, is it archaic? poetic? subjunctive?
I would maybe expect هستند as the verb in this sentence.

Here's the other place where I would like to understand better. At 3:40, the song goes

ای عیسی
تو بود و نبودم هستی
تو دار و ندارم هستی

تو سزاوار هستی

I understand the first and last lines. But what about the 2nd and 3rd? I recognize the words, basically, but I'm not sure how to make sense of each whole line.
Is it something like

You are my 'was and wasn't'
You are my 'has and hasn't'

Does the ‏-م on نبودم and ندارم mean "my"? or is it a contraction of هم?

Thanks for your help,