Keyboard Iranian and two translation sticker

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Keyboard Iranian and two translation sticker

Postby mrk1989 » 2019-08-04, 13:05

Hi all
I know thay I not have a lot of lucky. :blush:
Unfortunately, yes I say unfortunately, I have a friend of Iranian origin. :para: :| :|
She would like me to learn Persian, but one day I will study it.
Only now her is sharing me some stickers with words Iranian on Telegram and I can't translate them.

This is a figure:

Please anyone can translate these two stickers? Anyone know a site/ program that I can use a keyboard Iranian (I have the keyboard italian) and so I can write the letters on a textbox. I need this tool for can write,copy and translate easy without use this forum.

Thank in advance.

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Re: Keyboard Iranian and two translation sticker

Postby eskandar » 2019-08-04, 14:49

Why is it unfortunate that you have an Iranian friend? And why can't you just ask her to explain or translate the stickers she sends you?

In any case, you can use the keyboard feature on Google Translate to type in Persian. The first sticker says "may it be sacrificed" and the second one is a slangy way of saying "I'm irritable" (sono permaloso).
Please correct my mistakes in any language.

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