The astrolabe of Nadih Shah

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The astrolabe of Nadih Shah

Postby subquadam » 2018-09-19, 2:14

In Borges' story "el zahir" it's mentioned an astrolabe that have been made in such a way that everyone that looked through it could only think about it since then, and Nadih Shah had to order to throw it at the bottom of the sea, so people didn't forget the world.

Anyone heard of this story? I didn't find anything about it online, except that Iran has been long famous for it's astrolabes.

Another instrument which I'm interested is on the Jam-e-jam of Jamshid... This legend I guess is very wide known. What would be this "seven worlds seer" cup?
Jamshid seems to be related to Yama, hindu God of Death, with a myth similar to that of greek Ploutos, that is now a Planet which glyph is the symbol of Alchemy.

The quest for Jamshid's cup seems to me quite adequate to Alchemy... The concept that I don't grasp is this of "seeing the whole world in one object", this seems related to the notion of infinity... Not of alchemic transformation. Any light?

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