2 lines from Khosrow and Shirin

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2 lines from Khosrow and Shirin

Postby yegr » 2017-06-09, 14:39

Could you please translate literally these 2 lines?
جھان عشقست و دیگر زرق سازی ھمھ بازیست الا عشقبازی
کسی کز عشق خالی شد فسردست کرش صد جان بود ب یعشق مردست

It seemingly has to be something like that:
"Universe is solely love and all else deceit and lies
Everything childish games except being in passionate love

Melancholy crushes once love has left
Loveless, though with hundred lives, all is dead"


"All is lies, love alone is the absolute law from above,
and all is a game that lies outside the game of love…

He who remains without love, heed our advice:
he is dead, though he may be a hundred-fold alive"

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Re: 2 lines from Khosrow and Shirin

Postby yegr » 2017-06-11, 18:30

5 more lines I would be grateful for a literal translation of:
فلک جز عشق محرابی ندارد جهان بی‌خاک عشق آبی ندارد
که مغناطیس اگر عاشق نبودی بدان شوق آهنی را چون ربودی
اگر عشق اوفتد در سینه سنگ به معشوقی زند در گوهری چنگ
به عشق گربه گر خود چیرباشی از آن بهتر که با خود شیرباشی
گر از عشق آسمان آزاد بودی کجا هرگز زمین آباد بودی

Likewise, there are two translations, of which the first seems to be much more authentic:

Cosmos found no Mihrab, other than love!
Universe billows on no shores, other than love!

If magnetism was not in love forever
No desire to pull the iron as lover.

If love was to fall on bosoms of rock
The lovers clutch the jewels amongst.

You can victor, though with cat’s love alone
Powerful you are, far better than a lion.

If the heavens were emancipated from love
Would this earth have flourished with life?


Love is the mihrab of the winds, ascending to the zenith above,
And death will leave the earth parched without water from the land of lovers.

And if the magnet were not made of passion,
It would not have the power to attract iron.

In the stone - if the fire of love burns within -
The priceless gleaming gauhar is there for us to win.

Fight for her, at least - are you not with anger fraught?
Though a lion you may be, without love you are as nought.

When strength appeared in the heavens of love,
It created the earth for our abode.

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