learning Farsi

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learning Farsi

Postby davidleo2017 » 2017-03-02, 20:19

I am an American and I would like to study and improve my farsi, but being an american, I cannot get a visa to Iran. I have heard that Dushanbe may have some farsi language school(s). Does anybody have any information about this? (website?) or if is there any private teacher please explain me ?

Thank you

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Re: learning Farsi

Postby Az.chabok » 2017-04-07, 11:12

Dear davidleo2017,
I am glad to hear from you about learning Farsi.
My native language is Persian and I am learning English. Actually I joined this forum yesterday looking for someone who interested in Farsi. So we can contact with each other and progress our desire language.
It would be great if you like to get in touch with me.
Yours sincerely

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