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Postby Persianteacher » 2017-01-03, 12:40

Salam va sale no mobarak!

Many of the the Persian learners are into business with Iran and they`d like to improve their Persian for better correspondence with Iranian companies or partners.

It has been for some years I have been offering private classes for businesspeople who plan to learn Persian.As, as a Persian instructor and being involved in business as International Commercial manager for 10 years, learners may count on me for developing their Persian.

Unfortunately, there are not any center specially teaching Persian For Business, which makes me sad in a country with so many high educated people,Iran is lacking such centers.I hope we can see Persian lovers can more easily come to Iran and learn Persian.

This is not a post just as advertisement, take it from someone who loves Persian and wish more and more people have a chance to learn lyrical language of Persian.

For any tips,info,suggestions, or guidance regarding learning Persian you may write to me at:

To your improving Persian,

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