History textbooks

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History textbooks

Postby Soltoftpedersen1 » 2016-07-12, 21:20

Dear all
I am currently looking for iranian textbooks for middle school and up, both in Farsi and in English - I know it is not exactly a language question, but it would be great if anyone of you can help, since it seems to be a bit more difficult to get than I imagined at first...
If you are interested in my project, you are welcome to write for further elaboration :)

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Re: History textbooks

Postby h_yaoshi » 2016-07-12, 21:53

This has been posted to the resources thread:

alijsh wrote:
kloie wrote:Did they take the persian school book off of the web site?

The link is now: http://www.tebyan.net/index.aspx?pid=67598

You can also get them from their official website: http://www.chap.sch.ir/

(to see the books you must download the key file and save its attachment on your computer)

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