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Postby 7corona7 » 2016-04-28, 8:45


I am learning Farsi and am not sure how to translate these two sentences:

مادر زیور و زیبا را به ایشان دوست دارد 1

مادر زیور و زیبا را دوست دارد 2

I am having trouble knowing whether in 1) Zivar and Ziba like their mother or The mother of Zivar and Ziba likes them. In other words: how do I know that دوست دارد points to Zivar and Ziba or the mother?

I am guessing because دارد is conjugated in the 3rd person singular that the correct translation would be:

Zivar and Ziba like their mother.??

As for 2): what changes when leaving out به ایشان ?

Any help would be appreciated :)

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Re: Possessives

Postby LondonA1 » 2016-05-31, 16:01

The mother's love is being described. It's confusing because most Persians don't bother with commas.

So it's The mother loves the kids. "The mother ___ and ___ loves." When you actually say it in Persian you have a tiny pause after the Madar so people know what you're talking about but it would be barely noticeable.

As for the "be ishān" that doesn't make sense to me at all- love for them plus an accusative marker makes no sense. Are these sentences in a book?! They're not very good ones for teaching!

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