aa to o in Persian

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aa to o in Persian

Postby lingo » 2015-11-15, 8:17

I'm not a Persian or a Persian speaker.However As I listen to many Persian/Dari/Tajik songs,I have noticed one phenomenon.The Singers pronounce the long " aa " as " o ".

Deewaanaa -> Dewona
Tanhaa -> Tanho
Parwaanaa -> Parwona
Jaan -> Jon
Jahaan -> Jahon
Gulaab -> Gulob
Wafaa -> Wafo
Dunya -> Dunyo
Darya -> Daryo
Judaayee -> Judoyee
Begaanaa-> Begona
Dawaa -> Dawo
Daaru -> Doru
Raahat -> Rohat

These are some that I have observed.Indian Hindi/Urdu has tonnes of Persian words like those above,and we tend to use the long " aa " form.Is it simply a dialect that uses the " O " form or is the Indian version wrong.

Request Native Persian speakers to clarify.Thanks. :)

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Re: aa to o in Persian

Postby Mehrdad » 2015-11-15, 10:14

It's a matter of accent or dialect. In writing or in formal speeches we use long 'aa' but in normal speaking it sometimes changes to 'oo'.
In Dari or Tajiki or even Lori ( a clan in south of Iran) it's more common. But when words travel between languages they can change. For example I remember an Indian TV show called 'Divaana,Mastaana,Parvaana' . I think they are our 'Divaane,Mastaane,Parvane' which mean 'Mad/in a drunken state (opposite of Suberly)/Butterfly', You can't call them wrong but they're with Indian accent. (here Divaane can be pronounced as Divoone, but Parvane never changes to Parvoone, & I don't know why!)

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Re: aa to o in Persian

Postby lingo » 2015-11-15, 17:26

Thanks.I simply love the Persian language & culture.Persian culture has deeply influenced India and Farsi was once a court language,even today Persian is held in high esteem by Indian poets.

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