Translation help

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Translation help

Postby aglar » 2015-11-06, 19:10


what does it mean?
کلمsه تهران در قدیم چگونه نوشته می شده است؟
What is the answer for this question?

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Re: Translation help

Postby dEhiN » 2015-11-07, 1:04

You could just use Google Translate for that.
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Re: Translation help

Postby Meera » 2015-11-07, 1:16

The language is Persian and I think it is trying to ask how was Tehran written in the past.
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Re: Translation help

Postby aglar » 2015-11-07, 7:52

But what is the answer to this question?

Ok I found:

طهران :)

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