Reference request for a Rumi quote

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Reference request for a Rumi quote

Postby zwiebel » 2015-10-06, 15:20

Hi all,

I have the following interesting question: in Turkey, where the Poet and Teacher Rumi (Jalal od-Din Mohamed) is very much respected, I came across a quote by him:

İslamı yobazlardan koruyun, aksi takdirde dünyayı islamdan koruyun

It means:

Protect Islam from the hypocrites, otherwise protect the world from Islam.

Now, this might in fact be a quote by Rumi, but I can equally well imagine, that Rumi did not write or say something like this. Unfortunately I have exhausted my means to find out (internet research). If someone knows this quote or knows a way to prove it right, I would be glad to know. Even if you could just give me a hint, what the original persian might look like, so I can continue my internet search! I will post the same question in the Turkish forum!

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