Pronunciation of اسکایپ ("Skype")

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Pronunciation of اسکایپ ("Skype")

Postby qzhqzh » 2015-07-27, 13:55

What is the pronunciation of اسکایپ ("Skype")?

Are there any unmarked short vowels, or is it just /askāyp/?

Also, why does is begin with /a/? Is there a pronunciation rule in Persian which doesn't allow /sk-/ at the beginning of a word?

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Re: Pronunciation of اسکایپ ("Skype")

Postby eskandar » 2015-07-27, 14:48

It's [eskāyp], and yes, Persian syllables generally can't begin with a consonant cluster, so [e] is inserted before them. Thus when Persian speakers try to speak English they pronounce 'school' as [eskul] and 'start' as [estart] and so on.
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