need help explaining the meaning

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need help explaining the meaning

Postby seadeer » 2012-05-28, 19:32

I've encountered the following phrase in a sentence:
‍ثرسش نامه ای بر اساس اطلاعت مورد نزر تنزیم گردید
As I understand, roughly this says that they've developed a questionnaire based on the information (that had been gathered). But I don't understand what some of the words mean in the context of this sentence and how they all make sense together. If you write:
ثرسش نامه ای بر اساس اطلاعت تنزیم گردید

what will be missing from this sentence?
In other words, what do the words مورد and نزر add to the meaning here? Also, what does ای mean here?
Thanks a lot,

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Re: need help explaining the meaning

Postby TiPL » 2015-08-30, 9:32

môrede nazar - مورد نظر means intended or desired.

اى here means 'a' so 'a questionnaire', as you translated yourself. This is the same as saying mardi مردى i.e. 'a man', except that as برنامه ends in a vowel, despite the presence of ه, the ى, for liaison reasons, changes to اى.

The translation then becomes: (please note the spelling corrections)
‍پرسش نامه ای بر اساس اطلاعات مورد نظر تنظیم گردید

a questionnaire, based on the intended/desired information, was produced

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