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Re: Share some music!

Postby vijayjohn » 2020-11-06, 18:15

I forgot that YouTube has already deleted another video of Iranian artists Viguen and Pouran singing "Shaneh":
"Suporish Talqin-i-Ushshaq" is the next part of the series of songs from the Academy of Maqam in Tajikistan:
YouTube has been recommending me this Iranian song, "Behet Ghol Midam," for what seems like more than a year now. No idea why, but I guess I might as well post this, too:
These are the rest of the songs from the Academy of Maqam:
This is "Nasr-i-Ushshaq" by Hafiz:
Followed by two other anonymous compositions:
Hafiz's "Nawroz-i-Sabo":
And "Talqincha-i-Sabo":
Which in turn is followed by Bedil's "First Suporish":
Amir Muhammad Umar Khan's "Ufor-i-Ushshaq":
And the "Final Suporish":
This is "Milli Naghma" by Nazia iqbal, a Pashtun singer from Pakistan (I've posted some of her other Persian songs before). It's a Pakistani patriotic song:
This is another song from Pakistan, performed by Saakin and called "Saqi-e-Bewafa":

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