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Persian audio books

Posted: 2007-08-25, 23:44
by alijsh
Do you know any site offering free audio books? The only one I know is radiocp

Posted: 2007-10-10, 13:56
by poppy
Thanks for the link, I may be able to listen to the children's stories there.

I also know this blog has some audio extracts, although it's too advanced for me personally:

Posted: 2007-10-11, 11:26
by alijsh
wonderful link! Thanks.

Re: Persian audio books

Posted: 2014-02-24, 22:00
by yippy
I'd been looking for Persian audiobooks for a few years too. There are a few on, like ... oinPersian , and a bilingual English/Persian book on Librivox: ... r-khayyam/

The goldmine, though, is also the first hit on google for the query "persian audioboks": . They're low-bitrate and the quality isn't fantastic, but there are well over a hundred audiobooks, of both original Persian and translated literature. It's a .ir domain, so the lack of clear statements about licensing/copyright aren't an issue, as Iran has no bilateral agreement on copyright with the rest of the world.

Re: Persian audio books

Posted: 2018-12-03, 20:30
by awastan
also take a look at

there are some free audio books for children... the group is very new and they have interesting stories from Molana, like "the bike is gone" or short biography of famous iranian like "Maryam Mirzakhani" or "Khaje-nasir".