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Postby alijsh » 2007-02-08, 15:52

In this post, I maintain a categorized list of Persian forum's threads.

NOTE#1 - This list does not contain all the threads
NOTE#2 - This list does not necessarily contain the new topics of the forum's first page

If I have missed any thread that you think it should be included, please PM me.


Articles about Persian languageHow do you learn and use expressionsHow do you sound in Persian?learners: How do you find Persian?learners: Why do you learn Persian?learners: What are your difficulties?Persian JokesTell us about yourselfTranslation practiceYour name in Persian scriptWhere do you see Persianwho is studying or knows Arabic as well?

Writing system
alefbâa question about miDifficulty with writing Farsihandwriting, characters, etc.How to write in Persian scriptLaam & ÄlefLatin transcription for PersianMiim vs. EynTo join or not to join…Vowelled PersianWhat do you think of Persian writing systemwhy are there two types of k

AlbatteAlways togetherColloquial usagecommon Farsi verb contractiondelam migiredelband vs. delbargayhamin, hamânHow to express "about"?I want to improve my informal PersianJanLet's learn spoken PersianMishénafarNaming conventionsnose jobpâ /dastPersian terms of endearmentPersian words disappeared after the Arab invasionPersian cognates with other Indo-European languages?Polite expressionsPure Persian (Pârsiye sareh)reciprocal influence between persian and hindirememberingSynonyms threadtazi: two meanings?Terms of addresstitles: دکترto take sth seriouslyTV & Cinema vocabularyun chiye?Useful (or random) verbsZurxáne / wrestling vocabulary.when to use to and when to use shomaWords of Persian originyavaashtar OR aahestetarتداومخجالتموج

Colloquial enclitic form of to beColloquial Verbal Endingscompound verbsenclitic copula in colloquialPassive and "Causative"Persian parallels in other languagesPersian vis-a-vis other Indo-European languagesplural suffix "ha"Plural markerprefix: واpresent imperfectStress positionTwo verbs in one phraseUse of raa as a direct object markerVerbswhat to call this tense: mirafte astWhy the plural of setâre is setâre-gân?words ending in -i en the copula to beWord formation

Dictionary CD'sPersian dictionaries (books)Persian dictionaries (computer programs)Persian dictionaries (online)

Online KeyboardPersian convertorPersian fontsPersian text reader and editorPersian verb conjugatorPersian web reader with pop-up definitionsPhonetic keyboardStandard keyboard

Online Persian testsPersian audio booksPersian e-book sitesPersian schoolbooks of Iran

Persian films and TV seriesPersian media resourcesPersian music, singers, bands

Bedil (Bidel Dehlavi)HâfezKhayyamPersian LiteratureSa'diSimin BehbahaniSohrab Sepehri

Dialects & languages
Dari / Afghan PersianDialects of Persian in AfghanistanDialects of Persian in IranDialects of Persian in TajikistanKabul vs. Tehran PersianLanguage school in IranLearning Persian in TajikistanPahlavi LanguageTajiki Persian
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Online resources

Postby alijsh » 2007-10-30, 8:33

Since the thread for introducing learning resources has become multipage, I decided to use this thread to maintain a list of online resources. Please PM me any dead links.

» - easypersian has the best online course

» - Spanish translation of easypersian lessons

» - Persian course of Iraj Bashiri

» - Persian for Russian speakers (part one). Its homepage links to more things.

» - Persian for Japanese speakers

» - Persian course. materials are divided into five levels of elementary to advanced

» - Learn Persian today!

» - Modern Persian Spoken and Written

» - Stanmore classes. The course duration is 40 weeks. Class Notes and supporting material may be found below.

» - The largest and most complete English grammar of Persian, "A Higher Persian Grammar", by D. C. Phillott

»,M1 - A Grammar of the Persian Language, by Meerza Mohammad Ibraheem

» - articles about Iranian languages including Persian(in Russian)

» - Persian course of German Wikibooks

» - a textbook with audio for students of all ages

» - Global Language Online Support System (supports Iranian and Afghan Persian (aka Dari))

» - Intermediate Tajiki Persian textbook from the University of Indiana (need register to access)

» - Persian verb conjugator

» - Persian convertor. Converst Persian written in a defined transliteration scheme into Persian script

» - Online Persian keyboard

Miscellaneous - A glossary of colloquial Persian words for advanced learners

Posts: 3570
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Gender: male
Country: IR Iran (ایران)


Postby alijsh » 2009-12-09, 4:26

Resurrecting an old thread and making it sticky again. It is not up-to-date but still useful :wink: I'll try to update it.

:!: I also renamed it from «Lists: forum contents, online resources» to «Bookmarks».

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