best online dictionaries

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best online dictionaries

Postby adventrue » 2013-10-07, 9:13

I am wondering if anyone knows about a really good Kurdish -English-Kurdish dictionary online.
Or else, French-Kurmandhji, Dutch-Kurmandji, German -Kurmandji etc.

I usually use the Kurdish-Turkish dictionary, but it is lacking a lot of words.

In each language a whole list of dictionaries come up on search engines, but all these dictionaries are rather superficial and not complete. Please tells us only aout the very ebst ones.

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Re: best online dictionaries

Postby Set » 2013-10-07, 9:17

I've also spent a lot of time looking for dictionaries online, but unfortunately I've never found anything particularly good. The best I found for Kurmanji was the downloadable dictionary from which includes German-Kurdish, English-Kurdish, etc.
For Sorani, this one is ok, but not complete and still only word for word. I think it's definitely worthwhile buying a physical book dictionary.
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