Is this Kurdish?

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Is this Kurdish?

Postby charriso » 2012-03-31, 20:17

...and if so, can anyone tell me what it says?


Many thanks.
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Re: Is this Kurdish?

Postby Aryaqk » 2013-06-06, 14:17

No, that's not Kurdish. That's Arabic and I'm sure that is an Isamic quote!
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Re: Is this Kurdish?

Postby paralonta » 2013-07-15, 19:25

Aryaqk wrote:No, that's not Kurdish. That's Arabic and I'm sure that is an Isamic quote!

Are you really sure that is arabic?
Maybe that is Ottoman Turkish. I cannot read it but I see a letter like ق but it has three dots. I know that Ottaman Turkish hasn't a letter like that.
I'm not sure. An arabic speaking person can tell us if it is arabic or not.

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Re: Is this Kurdish?

Postby Ashkan » 2013-08-05, 8:46

hi, It is in Arabic.

The first part of it says:

لا تقل او صلی وصلی ابدا
la taghol ow sala wasli abada

I can't understand the other half of it, maybe an Arabic language speaker could help you :)

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