Zazaki is Kurdish (zewan-e Kurdi) ????

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Zazaki is Kurdish (zewan-e Kurdi) ????

Postby ati » 2010-06-03, 16:36

I think zazaki is deprived from Armenian
esimow milastin kâr diyamow

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Re: Zazaki is Kurdish (zewan-e Kurdi) ????

Postby kalemiye » 2010-06-03, 21:38

ati wrote:I think zazaki is deprived from Armenian

No, Zazaki is related to Kurdish.
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Re: Zazaki is Kurdish (zewan-e Kurdi) ????

Postby Quaere Verum » 2010-06-08, 15:51

Zazaki is an Iranian language belonging to the same branch as Kirmanji (so-called "Kurdish"), namely "Northwestern branch". Both languages, Zaza and Kirmanji, as well as Gorani (also referred to as "Hewrami") are spoken merely and exclusively by Kurdish people. On account of this fact, to refer to them all as "Kurdish languages" is the best choice to opt. They could be named particularly as "Kirmanji Kurdish" (including Kurmanji-Northern, Sorani-Central, and Kirmajhi-Southern dialects), "Zaza Kurdish", and "Gorani Kurdish". The first one, Kirmanji Kurdish, encompasses some 90% of Kurdish speakers at least, thus many people prefer to call it as "Kurdish", whilst Zaza Kurdish and Gorani Kurdish each contain some 5% of Kurdish speakers.

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Re: Zazaki is Kurdish (zewan-e Kurdi) ????

Postby evrendede » 2014-06-03, 6:25

Zazaki is a different Iranian language. Kurdish and Zazaki are like Spanish and Italian. They are not like different dialects.

For example:
Word Kırmanji Zazaki
Three sê hire
Five penc ponz
heart dil zerre
name naw name
year sal sarre
to come hatin ameyane
to go çûn şiyayane

Zazaki seems to be conservative language in the sense that it preserved many features of the old Iranian language.

Some of the Zazas in Turkey identify themselves as Kurds. Some identify as "Zaza" or maybe "Alevi". But still these languages are different.

One may even argue Kirmanji and Sorani are different languages. But they are closer to each other compared to Zazaki. So we may say the group of people who speak different but close languages are altogether considered "Kurds".

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