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Postby shri420 » 2005-08-17, 9:24

आप लोग नमस्ते,
मै अंग्रेज़ि हूँ और मैं लोन्दोन में रहते हूँ. मैं हिन्दी सिख्न चह्त हूँ, आप मुझे सिखाएंगे?


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Postby Tomcat » 2005-09-27, 12:13


हिन्दी - your spelling of the short i is wrong. I can't find the Hindi characters here, please have a look at http://www.hindimilap.com/

The red word on top of the page means 'Hindi', the green one below 'milaap'. As you can see: In the case of the short 'i', the character is written BEFORE the consonant AFTER which it is spoken, so you actually write 'Hindi' i - h - n - d - i. That's very confusing in the beginning, but the system behind is that you first construct a syllable by merging the characters/ligatures, in the case of consonant + short i from right to left, not from left to write. The left-to-right order is applied for the syllables then, not for the individual sounds/characters.

Now, I've got it: िहन्दी

I hope that my explanation is clear.

And it's not सिख्न, but सीख्न - the i is long [i:], and the long i is written AFTER the consonant it's spoken.

Best regards,


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Postby Jamie*On » 2005-10-06, 20:02

Sri 420 and Tomcat,

why don't we make regular posts here so people can learn, and we can go on learning? Rather than people looking for teachers, we can all learn from each other?


Best wishes

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