About Reading Urdu Numerals

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About Reading Urdu Numerals

Postby wandering » 2020-06-03, 16:22

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to sort out how to read numbers of different kind in Urdu. After making the reading of integer number clear, I cannot go further because of lack of literature, and reading Urdu text is still difficulty for me. So could anyone answer following questions for me? Thanks in advance!

About Decimal Numbers

1) How to you say the decimal point? (e.g. 2.56 two point five six)
2) The numbers after a decimal point is read cipher by cipher or you can also say something like "two point twenty five"?
3) What is the right way of writing decimal number properly in a sentence?

About Fraction Numbers
1) How to say fractions with an integer part, like "two and three fifths"?
2) How to write fractions properly in a sentence, like "2 3/5"?
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