A question about pronunciation

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A question about pronunciation

Postby gfl87 » 2019-09-08, 9:59

Hello everybody,

what is the most correct pronunciation of the word مدرسہ?
I've seen that most dictionaries give it as مدرَسہ, but others (including the "Oxford Urdu-English Dictionary") like مدرِسہ. The latter is given with /e/ rather than /ɪ/: is it the case?

Thank you,

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Re: A question about pronunciation

Postby vijayjohn » 2020-04-02, 4:31

I think it's مدرَسہ. Maybe some people say مدرِسہ instead.

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Re: A question about pronunciation

Postby umairaasem » 2020-04-13, 11:08

Madrassa is correct. In some Arabic dialect it is Marissa howevrr madrassa is more common

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