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हिंदी - विजय / اردو - وجے

Posted: 2018-02-05, 6:02
by vijayjohn
I decided to start a personal thread in this forum just like I've been doing for various other languages I've been learning. I've started using threads like this to list vocabulary words I can quiz myself on, so I guess I'll start out by doing that here, too. (I know I've made some mistakes (in Urdu IIRC), which I should probably note here, but I'm too lazy to hunt them all down right now :P).

All of the following are words from an issue of a Pakistani literary magazine called Jasoosi Digest that I happen to have with me:

dandruff = سکری
itching = خارش
handful = یکمشت
perfect = مکمل
refuge = مکمّل
thick = گھنا
protector, guard, etc. = محافظ
confusion, vexation = برهمي
visible = قابلِ دید
accomplished (person?) = باکمال

Re: हिंदी - विजय / اردو - وجے

Posted: 2018-04-06, 15:32
by Saim
:cry: میں ان الفاظوں سے صرف "خارش" اور "مکمل" جانتا تھا۔ لگتا ہے کہ مجھے اتنی صحیح اردو تو نہیں آتی۔

تمہیں جسوسی ڈائجسٹ کہاں سے ملا؟ کتابوں کی دکان میں؟

Re: हिंदी - विजय / اردو - وجے

Posted: 2018-04-23, 5:15
by eskandar
Saim wrote:
ان الفاظوں سے

ان الفاظ سے. "الفاظ" تو خود ہی جمع ہے "لفظ" کا*