Urdu translation help

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Urdu translation help

Postby eklarkihai » 2017-09-13, 18:04

Hi :)

I'm an Urdu-newbie that stumbled upon some life-quotes on Pinterest. Since I have basic Hindi knowledge I tried to convert it into Devanagari and then translate it into proper English. But it was quite hard for me because I didn't really manage to figure out the sentence boundaries in the Urdu examples I've chosen. Could someone correct my poor attempts at translating? Especially the second one is a rather naive Google-translate-guess... Thank you in advance!

First text:
Urdu text 3.jpg

Translation attempt:
Sometimes a human goes through difficult times and easy ones too.
But sometimes only one human can tear apart (?) our patience
(and then I'm not sure about what follows from "aur ham apne..." on) except for grief
and there is nothing you can do about it (?)

Second text:
Urdu text 2.jpg

Translation attempt:
(this is by no means what is exactly written in that text, it's just what I roughly managed to get - Where are the sentence boundaries?)
Passing through the worst phase of your life is a good thing (?)
They say that/I tell you that (?) you finally recognize the real faces of the people
This is the cure for the population
(And then the last part ist something about taking care?)
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Re: Urdu translation help

Postby eskandar » 2017-09-14, 1:43

Hi, this is a good start! Here are some corrections:

Text #1:
Sometimes people (literally "a person" or "a human" as you said, but we can translate it here as "people") go through difficult times with ease, but sometimes just one person tears our patience to shreds and we can't do anything but mourn our scattered existence !!!

Text #2:
When passing through the worst period of one's life, a good thing is that you finally recognize the real faces of those people who claim to care for you...
Please correct my mistakes in any language.

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Re: Urdu translation help

Postby eklarkihai » 2017-09-14, 11:58

thank you so much :)

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