Sanskrit Translation

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Sanskrit Translation

Postby Moonlightshadow » 2017-07-05, 10:24

Hello everybody,

I hope someone like to help me with a good translation.

I'd like to write "always see beauty" in Sanskrit/Devangari and I found two different translation. Which one is the clearest?

1. सदैव सौंदर्यं पश्य

2. हमेशा सुंदरता देखिए

Thank you very much. :yep:


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Re: Sanskrit Translation

Postby Ber » 2017-07-05, 21:19

I don't know about the first one.
The second one is a fine Hindi translation. It's not Sanskrit.

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Re: Sanskrit Translation

Postby vijayjohn » 2017-10-07, 5:22

The first one is Sanskrit, and the second one is Hindi. I don't know whether the Sanskrit is grammatical or not.

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