Best resources as of 2020

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Best resources as of 2020

Postby n8an » 2020-05-21, 16:16

Let's make a list!

So I already have Elementary Hindi (both textbook and workbook) and Teach Yourself, but I lost the book for Teach Yourself :roll: and am wanting to purchase it again. I really like both Elementary and TY, so I've been searching for TY and found that it's a new edition -

this one: ... hmEALw_wcB.

Is this the same book that everyone raves about and I used to own? Or is this a totally different book?

Also, I want to eventually learn Nastaaliq. The most frustrating thing is that I read Arabic and Persian so freaking naturally and fluently that when I see Urdu typed, I can read it with ease. I just can't read Nastaaliq to save my life.

Therefore, I can't recommend any Urdu resources, even though I own TY Urdu.

What else do we have?

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