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Postby Zwalla » 2014-02-10, 4:57

I started learning Afrikaans a couple days ago, but am having trouble finding resources on the the orthography and phonology of it. Perhaps I've been spoiled in my learning of Scots Gaelic with alkerbeltz (if any of you know what that is), but thus far I've been trying to work with an awkward mix of wikipedia, forvo, and youtube.

I suppose what I'm asking is for some sort of resource with a combination of words, orthographic explanations, soundfiles, and even descriptions of how to make the sounds. I may be more anal about accents than I should be. Do any of you know of any resource like this?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Orthography?

Postby Bittereinder » 2014-02-10, 17:54


You might find this catalog useful.
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