Accents in Afrikaans

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Accents in Afrikaans

Postby Tand324 » 2013-12-16, 16:23


I was listening to my family from england talk and they all had different accents since they grew up in different parts of the country. That made me think, are there any regional differences in Afrikaans and if so, what are they/


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Re: Accents in Afrikaans

Postby Bittereinder » 2013-12-16, 16:56

I think a linguistics expert would be able to clarify it because accent is a lot about pronunciation, but I've noted difference among the Cape Afrikaans accent, the Pretoria accent and the more standard accent spoken in the non-coastal areas.

The Cape Afrikaans accent is not to be confused with the dialect, Kaaps, and actually like Kaaps Afrikaans people in the Western Cape region like to mix Afrikaans and English which makes their accent a bit different from the inland accents.

There's an accent spoken mainly in Pretoria(and some places in Gauteng) people loosely refer to as the "Pretorian accent". They overround some sounds, specifically the "a" sound. They would pronounce "ja" as "jo".

For me personally the main differences among the Afrikaans-speaking peoples in SA are mainly the vocabulary and expressions they use. In some regions people would use more anglicisms than others. Afrikaans has a lot of expressions and in the anglicized business world in most of the bustling cities one would most likely miss words and phrases unique to Afrikaans. I've found the people of rural communities and smaller cities to use older Afrikaans expressions much more.
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