Assistance with Writing Assignment

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Assistance with Writing Assignment

Postby Yew-taub Puub » 2011-04-11, 20:59

Hello All,

I'm in need of help with some words/terms for my creative writing assignment. I'm in need of some afrikaan words that refer to a standard farm pig (if there is one?), farmer, sky, star and suicide. Also, how do you say thankyou and what is the most appropriate word (or gesture) to greet someone?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Assistance with Writing Assignment

Postby Reinder » 2011-04-12, 13:58

I would use the following words:

[flag]en[/flag] - [flag]af[/flag]
Pig - Vark
Farmer - Boer
Sky - Lug
Star - Ster
Suicide - Selfmoord
Thank you - Dankie
Hello - Hallo (informal) Goeie dag (formal)

Goeie dag literally means good day.

I hope this helped you out!
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Re: Assistance with Writing Assignment

Postby Shiba » 2011-04-13, 18:35

Actually, you can write Goeiedag as one word. :) I'd be floored if you were to ask me _why_ that's so, but I do know it is. x)
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