Afrikaans song lyrics

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Re: Afrikaans song lyrics

Postby boerboel » 2014-12-18, 2:41

One of the first Afrikaans songs I ever found and still a favorite. Someone put together a lyric video, for anyone who's interested.
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Re: Afrikaans song lyrics

Postby Eldhor » 2019-01-07, 15:32

Hi everyone! Im looking for a web with Beatles songs in Afrikaans. In particular, Im looking for the lyrics of 'Michelle'. I want to make a gift to my girlfriend named Michelle so I would really appreciate if you can help me!

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Re: Afrikaans song lyrics

Postby stellahmz » 2019-06-18, 9:12

They is a SA Song I heard once and it stuck in my head, but I do not know sang it and the lyrics.

Waar is jy, wonder waar is jy

That is the only part I still remember. Please assist.

Baie Dankie

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