Afrikaans and Dutch

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Re: Afrikaans and Dutch

Postby Shiba » 2013-07-31, 18:57

Sjoe ja, daai een is baie bekend. Mooi wysie.

(Volgende keer kan jy dalk net 'n liedjie in die Afrikaanse Musiek of Afrikaans song lyrics geselsdrade sit (afhangende daarvan of jy 'n liedjie wil deel wat vir jou mooi is, of vrae/aanmerkings het oor die lirieke). :) )
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Re: Afrikaans and Dutch

Postby Woods » 2020-12-23, 12:11

I had written in this forum some time ago about my wish that Afrikaans had kept its Dutch orthography but other members seemed to be as unhappy with my idea as people in the Swedish forum were when I said Swedish shouldn't respell its loanwords and over-update its orthography!

Actually I didn't even know at that time that Afrikaans's current spelling is older than the Dutch one. I think nobody told me that as well. And still, I would find it very nice if they were made more similar (like Afrikaaners writing ij instead of y) and had more historic things (like for example something like t'huis instead of tuis so that one can actually understand where the word comes from).

That being said, is a text rendered in Dutch accepted by South-African authorities, or would one be expected to adopt their spelling if one wants to communicate officially?

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