"isvak" / "ishålet" what's the difference?

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"isvak" / "ishålet" what's the difference?

Postby Doomed2beWalloon » 2018-12-01, 23:17

Hi there,

I've just registered in the hope to have a final answer to this question.

Translation give me "hole in the ice" for both.

I already asked on youtube, a beautiful Swedish woman answered there is actually no difference between these two words.

I was wondering because I recently rewatched the great swedish movie " låt den rätte komma in".
Saw it ten years ago, loved it. Still beautiful now. But there is one scene in the movie that puzzles me...

Now for those who haven't seen the movie, I describe below the scene in its context :

A little before the scene when Oskar beat the bully leader up with a stick on a frozen lake. We can see all the kids and teachers ready for ice skating, and the gym teacher warning the kids to stay away from holes in the ice. I guess it's some kind of pun I don't understand because I don't speak swedish at all.

Here is the dialogue:

- gym teacher warning the kids: "Akta med ishålet därborta! Uppfattat?"
- female teacher laughs and replies: "Avila, det heter isvak."
- gym teacher seems embarrassed:
-"Isvak, ja."
- "Jag menade isvak!"

So, what makes the female teacher laugh if the two words mean exactly the same ? And why is he a little embarrassed ?

Official english subtitles translation:
- Watch out for holy, over there. Understood?
- Avila... it's "a hole in the ice".
- Oh... I meant "hole in the ice".

Official french subtitles translation is even more silly... (French is my mother tongue).
- Attention au "trouille", là-bas. Compris ?
- Avila. Attention au "trou".
- Je veux dire "au trou".

Now, in the book, the gym teacher is actually of spanish origin, so maybe he... I don't know?

It's no big deal but could someone clarify this for me?




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Re: "isvak" / "ishålet" what's the difference?

Postby Johanna » 2018-12-02, 15:41

Because the world for a hole in the ice large enough for a human to fit through it is vak. Even isvak sounds a bit unusual, at least around here, especially since that is- part is a bit redundant.

Ishål isn't even a word and if it were, it would be a hole filled with ice and not at all the same thing. A small hole in the ice, like one you've drilled for fishing, is called exactly the same as in English: ett hål i isen.
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Posts: 2
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Real Name: Sam
Gender: male
Location: Liège, Belgium

Re: "isvak" / "ishålet" what's the difference?

Postby Doomed2beWalloon » 2018-12-02, 20:30

Hey Johanna,

Thank you very much for this clear explanation! I finally understand this scene.

Thanks! :D

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