Swedish pronunciation lists?

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Swedish pronunciation lists?

Postby captainporridge » 2012-10-11, 6:47

I'm studying from “Våra viktiga ord: basordlista med utbytesord”, basically it is a book of about the most useful 8,000 words. I'm learning 40 a day from this, but it is really helpful to have the audio and helps me learn faster too. I've quickly found out that people are not always around to record for me, so if I list words here, could a Swede do them and get me a sound file somehow so I can put them in my electronic flashcard program? I live in Uppsala, so more standard Swedish would be appreciated, but at the same time it'd be fun to hear some kind of outlandish dialect if you have one : P

I'm putting them into Byki, but it seems it doesn't want to connect to the server so I can share my lists with you all… It used to work fine so I don't know what's wrong.

Here is what i have so you can see what it's like:
http://soundcloud.com/hvitumavar/viktiga-a-words3a (only half the list because the other half didn't get recorded)

here are some photo pages so you can see the book itself:
http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mbn7l ... 1_1280.jpg
http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mbn7l ... 2_1280.jpg
what i'd need for today (edit, i got someone to record it so i'll update the thread in a bit with more words someone could do for me):
alkohol (missing on accident from one of the lists)

file 1: (one page in the book per file so it's easier to sort out)
allvarlig, allvarsam, alm, almanack, alp, altan, altare, ambulans, amen, amerikan, amerikansk, ana, ananas, and, anda, andas, andetag, andfådd, andra, anfall, angelägen, angenäm, angrepp, angripa, angå

file 2:
anhålla, anhörig, aning, anka, ankare, anklaga, ankra, anledning, anlända, anmäla, anmälan, anmälning, anmärka, anmärkning, annan, annars, annons, annonsera, annorlunda, anorak, anordning, anse, ansikte, ansjovis, anslag, anstränga

And then I can just keep posting word lists and files if I get them. I also have this thread over on fluentin3months and if someone gives me something there I'll add it here too.
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