Pronunciation of ‘u’

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Pronunciation of ‘u’

Postby Woods » 2012-06-09, 21:41

Is “u” different when it’s followed by a single consonant than when it’s followed by a double one?


Is it more open when it’s followed by a double consonant, like the first one is more like german “ü” and the second one more like French “u” (more open though)?

Are all combinations of two consonants affecting “u” the same way, whether it’s the same consonant doubled (e.g. -ll- in skulle) or two different consonants (e.g. -nt- in “runt” or -ld- in guld)? Is it different depending on the combination?

If all of this is right, then is it also right that when “u” is at the end of the word (like in “du”) it’s pronounced like the one followed by a single consonant?

What else is there to know about the pronunciation of Swedish “u?”

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Re: Pronunciation of ‘u’

Postby Allekanger » 2012-06-10, 0:22

The U in minut and du is long and very similar to the U in the French words minute and du (perhaps a bit further back, but not as far back as the vowel in the French word vouz). This long U sound is used when only one or no consonant follows (roughly).

The U in runt or guld is short and pronounced closer to the vowel in the French word je, but rounded. It occurs when the U is followed by two or more consonants. A double consonant, as in the word upp, counts as two consonants.

Of course, exceptions to these guidelines exist. Suffixes, such as the possessor marker -s, usually don't affect the vowel length (or quality), i.e. both mur and murs have a long U sound. A word consisting of several words, such as husmus (hus + mus), also keep their original vowel length.

EDIT: Unaccented words, like 'du' in many positions, tend to be pronounced as if short, I believe. So the sentence kan du simma? naturally gets an unaccented, short U in du, but in the sentence var det du? the U is long, since the focus is on the pronoun.
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Re: Pronunciation of ‘u’

Postby globetrottersara » 2012-07-08, 16:50

åhhh.... så nyttigt! Tack :)
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